Black man wearing a winter coat and hat, mask, and clear eye guard stands in front of a sidewalk that has been cleared of snow.
James showing his work.
A brick apartment building in winter, 3 inches of snow cover the lawn on both sides of a sidewalk and walkway that has been cleared of snow. A red snowblower sits on the sidewalk.
An HODC property with cleared walkways

Our Winter Hero

Meet James, one of HODC’s winter warriors! During the beginning of 2024 Mother Nature has flexed her icy muscles. While most of us were bundled up inside, heroes like James and his team of snow-warriors were out there battling the elements, clearing paths, and keeping our communities safe and accessible.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of James and his team, HODC’s residents could stay warm and worry-free, knowing their sidewalks were clear and paths were passable. They truly went above and beyond, and we are so grateful!