Only $21,000 From Our Goal!

While HODC is currently helping over 600 households, the wait list for affordable housing continues to grow. The typical wait time to get an apartment or house is two to five years, but many residents have had to wait much longer.

We have been working to raise $500,000 to provide the funds needed to CREATE MORE affordable housing.

In order to do this, funds for predevelopment costs are needed. Every project incurs predevelopment costs, even before closing outside financing. These costs include market studies, architectural drawings, traffic studies, and engineering studies. Such expenses are associated with project feasibility diligence and a necessary part of getting a new development off the ground.

We're Almost There!

Our board has raised over $479,000 thanks to a challenge grant, 100% board participation, and several generous benefactors.

Your support for this campaign is critical to accelerating the rate at which we are able to create new housing units and to tackling the desperate imbalance between the supply and demand of housing that is affordable.

Please consider donating today!

Fundraising thermometer in the shape of a tall house with the goal of $500,000.

They are waiting for the keys to their affordable home.

Seniors: elderly Asian couple
Living With A Disability: a person with short hair and glasses in a wheelchair
Families: A black couple smiling with the woman holding a young girl.
Workforce: A black woman wearing a cap holding packages and a white man wearing a blue work jumper holds a broom.

What legacy would you like to leave? What impact would you like to make in your community?

The supply of affordable housing everywhere is under increasing strain as rental rates and purchase prices continue to rise.  This causes housing insecurity for many hard-working people in our communities. 

YOU can give them hope TODAY.