Kathryn (“Kitty”) Cole

We honor the life and legacy of Kitty Cole, former HODC board president and champion of Housing Opportunity Development Corporation, who passed away on June 12, 2022. During Kitty’s time as a member of HODC’s board of directors from 2003 until 2020, her passion for helping others was a persistent driving force for all of us at HODC. She was a housing justice warrior. Kitty’s leadership and friendship were invaluable and her legacy lives on in the affordable housing created by HODC.

Executive Director Richard Koenig wrote, “Kitty’s favorite HODC building was Claridge Apts, our single room occupancy building in Evanston. She was proud of what it meant to the tenants who lived there. This illustrates her staunch commitment to helping those struggling with housing instability. Kitty’s passionate drive for assisting those in her community will live on in our properties and our work. She is missed and her friendship and leadership were invaluable. Along with Kitty’s family and friends, we mourn her passing.”

Former Board President Kristin Berg said, “Kitty was a huge supporter of HODC as well as all the other housing organizations she was involved with. She always brought humor with her very down to earth comments and advice. Kitty was never afraid to speak her mind or disagree if that’s what she thought. She was also very warm and caring.”

Roy Gottlieb

We pay tribute to Roy Gottlieb, our former board member at Housing Opportunity Development Corporation and champion of our work in affordable housing, who passed away on June 15, 2022. During Roy’s time as a member of HODC’s board of directors, from 2011 until 2020, we received the benefit of his advice, insights and humor. Roy’s dedication to his community was evident in his significant gifts of time, financial support, and knowledge during his time with HODC.

Executive Director Richard Koenig wrote, “Roy has been a wonderful friend for all of us at HODC. He was a special person who helped us find humor in difficult situations. He was always one step ahead with creative solutions. We are honored and better off because of our time together with Roy. Please know we share in this grief with his family and friends.”