HODC’s Executive Director, Richard Koenig, celebrated Affordable Housing Awareness Month by exploring innovative approaches to creating affordable housing options in our community with the Northwest Affordable Housing Alliance (NAHA) in Arlington Heights.

Insights on Adaptive Reuse

On Monday, May 20th, Richard delved into the complicated world of adaptive reuse, showcasing the challenges of transforming schools, monasteries, and even factories into vibrant affordable housing spaces. He also addressed the considerations involved in making these conversions successful.   explored innovative approaches to creating affordable housing options in our community.

NIMBYism vs. YIMBYism: A Community Conversation

The discussion included the often-contentious topics of NIMBYism (“Not-In-My-Back-Yard”) and YIMBYism (“Yes-In-My-Back-Yard”). Richard addressed a crucial question many community members have when discussing affordable housing projects: “Will people who live in affordable housing fit into my neighborhood?”

Richard shared that the majority of residents in HODC’s developments come from the very communities they serve. They choose these locations to stay close to their jobs, families, and support networks.

People sitting in a library conference room listening to a man speaking. A Powerpoint is projected on large screens behind him.
HODC's Executive Director, Richard Koenig, speaks to NAHA members.
A woman wearing a white shirt and off-white cardigan gestures as she speaks during a meeting. A PowerPoint is projected on a screen behind her.
Kathy Cortez, HODC board member and League of Women Voters member, speaks to NAHA members.