Cary Senior Living Receives Green Certification

Three-story apartment building.
Cary Senior Living, Photo by Rich Chapman

HODC is pleased to announce that Cary Senior Living has been granted the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Bronze Certification by Home Innovation Research Labs. To earn this certification, Cary Senior Living must meet rigorous criteria in six categories – Lot Development; Resource Efficiency; Energy Efficiency; Water Efficiency; Indoor Air Quality; and Operation and Maintenance.

The benefits of affordable housing being Green include lower utility costs, a healthier indoor environment, and increased durability. In particular, lower utility costs expands housing affordability for low-income households such as seniors with limited income.

Cary Senior Living is a new development that opened in December 2019. The three-story building offers 62 affordable apartments for residents 62 and older. It provides modern residences, affordable rents, and a range of amenities. The need for this kind of housing is critical as the demand for affordable age-restricted rental housing in the area far outpaces the available supply.